Frequently Asked Questions | Trinity Communications Group

Is it safe to buy online?

As long as the site is secured by a reputable company that verifies that the information traveling over the Internet is protected, it is probably safer to buy online than over the phone. Look for the secure symbol whenever you shop online, and double check that the site starts with https once you are at a page where you are entering payment information. The “s” indicates a secure site, where information is broken up into tiny packets protected by a secure code (encrypted). This code is not put back together again until it reaches the destination securely.

Is your site a “secure” site?

Yes. Trinity Communications is secured by (Equifax) and the company we use for ticketing, 168 Tickets, is a secure site. You’ll see the secure “padlock” symbol in the lower right corner, once you start the online order process. You may click on this symbol to verify the status of our certificate with Equifax at any time. Equifax is a leader in Internet security and scrutiny is very tight.

What does “Will Call” mean?

Will Call is an alternative to mailing tickets. It simply means that you will pick up your tickets at the location (venue) where the event will be held the night of the event. Most Box Offices have one or more Will Call windows and will have your tickets waiting. You will need to show your ID to prevent your tickets from being mistakenly picked up by someone else.

What is the “Venue” where I pick up tickets?

The venue is the theater, stadium, amphitheater, church, or any building where an event is held. Most Will Call windows are clearly marked near the front entrance.

Why are tickets not refundable?

Event promoters rely on pre-sales to determine the artist payment for the concert or event long before it takes place. There are many costs associated with live events that many of us are not aware of, including production equipment, large teams of people, rehearsals, recordings, travel expenses, etc. Were tickets refundable, it would make it impossible to guarantee payment for these real costs, and the events would not make it to your city. In most situations you are welcome to resell your tickets or give them away if you are unable to use them. You are welcome to resell any extra tickets at the event, but this must be done outside the venue or building.

How is General Admission different from Reserved Seating?

General Admission seating does not guarantee you an exact seat, but rather just admission to a specific event. You will need to select your seating upon arrival, meaning that it is best to arrive early for best seat selection. At church venues, there are sometimes several General Admission sections to choose from such as Gold Circle, Main, or Balcony. Seating within each section is still selected upon arrival. If the event is reserved seating, then your ticket will have a specific area, section, row and seat number.

Why are some events only General Admission?

Some venues holding events are not equipped for reserved seating, which requires numbering seats and careful planning. Outdoor festival or amphitheater seating also does not normally allow for reserved seating.

What is “Gold Circle” or “Artist Circle”?

These are terms for a designated priority seating area in a General Admission event. These sections are closer to the stage and are limited in quantity.

How safe is it to have my tickets mailed to me?

Tickets are mailed First Class, USPS, in plain white envelopes to the address you enter when purchasing. The United States Post Office does not take responsibility for lost or damaged first class mail. They state about First Class Mail delivery:

  • Estimated delivery time is one to three days (depending on your location).
  • Estimated delivery time begins on the date postmarked.
  • Not a guaranteed service (no refunds). Delivery by a specific date at a specific time is not available.
  • Mailing standards are based on distance
  • Most tickets are delivered by the Post Office with no problems. You can assist the delivery by carefully entering and reviewing your address information when you purchase.

Why are fees added onto the price of the ticket?

The base price of the ticket covers only the cost of admittance to the event. It does not include:

  • Printing of tickets
  • Ticket distribution (online, charge by phone, outlets)
  • Processing your ticket order
  • Tracking and inventory control, assuring your ticket will be valid and not oversold
  • Box Office services
  • Will Call delivery
  • Postage, envelopes, and other delivery costs
  • Call Center personnel and customer service on your order
  • A secure web site, credit card processing, merchant fees

Ticket fees bring your ticket to you and cover these costs.

Are the charges the same whether I order by phone or online?

No. Online has no additional charges but it does become a print at home ticket.  Phone orders have a $3.00 service fee per ticket.  

Is there a way to avoid service fees?

Yes, service fees may be avoided by mailing your check to Trinity Communications and enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope for us to return your tickets. Please mail to Trinity Communications, PO Box 5021, Fort Wayne, IN  46895.  You must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive the tickets back in the mail.  All ticket orders received within the last 5 days before the event will be subject to holding the tickets at WILL CALL.  Please provide at least one first class stamp for up to twenty (20) tickets ordered and an additional stamp for every group of 20 additional tickets.

What happens if there is bad weather the day of the event?

If there is bad weather on the day of an event, the event will not be canceled unless the artist is unable to arrive. There are no returns or exchanges for tickets if you are unable to attend if the event has not been canceled.

Are there walk-in sales?

Please view our website for specific walk-in locations for each event.

Do you provide seating for people needing handicap assistance?

Yes, if you or someone in your group needs assistance it is best for you to arrive one hour prior to the event. For more information on this you will need to please contact our office. (260-484-1029)

What is "festival" seating?

"Festival" seating, is a term used when there will not be any chairs or seating and the crowd will sit on the floor or stand to watch a concert or event.